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University of Melbourne

The Equine Centre, along with other veterinary facilities at the Werribee Campus, were constructed in the 1960s with minimal refurbishment occurring over the past forty years. The popularity of the veterinary course along with a need to better serve the equine community in Victoria has resulted in new initiatives at the site.


The Equine Centre involved the redevelopment of large but run down barns to provide for new horse stalls with state of the art diagnostic and treatment initiatives (scintigraphy, ultrasound) isolation stalls and expanded facilities for staff and the general public.

Project Particular Issues:

  • The development was required to be completed whilst   maintaining the operations of the Equine Centre.

  • Extensive investigation of the reactive site was required to stabilize existing building foundations and develop under the canopy of existing mature eucalypt trees that now frame the Centre’s entry.

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