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AutoCAD Doc& Administrator


Diploma of Building Design & Technology, RMIT (2006)


Special skills:

Adrian is generally introduced to projects during the design development phase, continuing with extensive involvement during the documentation phase and seeing the project through tender and into construction, where he will assist the project architect with quality control.


Adrian is a graduate of the RMIT Building Design School.

Adrian has been employed in our office since 2006

He has proven skills in a range of electronic formats and provides onsite liaison and project administration management  for  the  office.                            

He is keen to expand his construction knowledge with the ultimate aim to manage his own building company in the future. In the meantime his skills greatly assist the Office in terms of constructability issues.

Major works and clients:

  • Northern Centre for Health Education and Training, Northern Health

  • A range of research and teaching laboratories for the University of Melbourne

  • Allied and community health developments for MerriHealth

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