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Fees & Services

As most institutional projects are unique in character and content, design services & fees are assessed on a project by project basis.

Fees vary depending upon the size and complexity of the project. Most institutional work will involve services engineering (power, communications, air conditioning, reticulated gases, etc) and this must be factored into the overall fee.

Projects over a certain size or value will also require a quantity surveyor to establish cost estimates and monitor cost movements as the project is developed.

For a general overview of associated costs & procedures please visit the Design ProcessQuality Control pages.

Project Management

With regard to the management of projects:

• The Director of our firm shall assume direct and personal control of all projects.
• The pursuit of a creative design solution in partnership with the client and/or end user group , which is consistent with the functional brief and applicable cost constraints, and gives due consideration to siting, environmental and community influences.
• Experience in the design of briefing formats and schedules, the input and upgrading of data, and their analysis for establishment of the functional brief. The preparation of associated inter-relational function diagrams.
• A commitment to extensive and complete documentation through all stages of the consultancy with emphasis on a high level of dialogue, reporting and accountability procedures with the client.
• The preparation of all architectural documentation within the office, with all drawings prepared in AutoCad format by competent technical personnel under the scrutiny of the director, and with specifications, technical schedules and contract documents for tender controlled by the director in charge.
• Experience in cost effective selections of materials, building technique analysis and energy efficient design alternatives.
• The detailed co-ordination of all secondary consultants’ activities 
• The provision of concise AutoCad based as-built documentation recognising importance of the client need for on-going maintenance.

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