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Our Company’s quality control policy is to provide a standard of service and performance equivalent to that attainable by implementation of Australian Standard AS 3900 and International Standard ISO 9001.


Our Company aims to recognize and achieve the project goals set by the client in terms of design aspirations, agreed scope and standard of materials and workmanship, program targets and cost management.


To achieve these goals we shall implement the following key parameters for each and every project undertaken by the Company:

• Strategic planning of all activities
• Independent reviews by suitably experienced and qualified personnel at milestone points in any project’s development.
• Instigation of preventative and/or corrective actions to manage project deliverables
• Concise document control mechanisms for client briefs, survey information, incoming and outgoing drawings, specifications and details.

Our policy also recognizes a broader obligation to the industry and the community at large to meet and wherever possible exceed expected performance outcome levels in regard to social and environmental matters in the commissions undertaken.

The Company policy will be supported by a continuous training regime for all staff covering all phases of personal professional development by such mechanisms as:

• Senior personnel mentoring of junior staff.
• Exposure of all staff to ‘hands on’ experience within the construction industry.
• Regular attendance at quality focused professional development forums.
• Constant upgrade of technical support infrastructure within the office.
• Staff debriefing reviews on project outcomes.

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