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University of Melbourne

Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science

The goal of the renovation of Building 400 was to repurpose previously used teaching spaces to additional research office / desk spaces for use by Melbourne Veterinary School (MVS) and renovate as required due to flow on effects from teaching relocating to another building. (which have been relocated to a new Building 125 “WEBS”)

An extensive spatial re-allocation exercise was required which had to address accommodation over five floors for teaching staff as well as the relocation of the Animal Welfare Science Centre (AWSC) which had previously been located in rented space.

The challenges for the consultant team encompassed an extensive range of non-compliant BCA matters, to address antiquated services and to provide a comfortable working environment for sixty senior academic and research staff.

Although available space and budget was limited another aim of the project was to facilitate staff interaction by expanding staff canteen and meeting room amenities.

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