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Northern Health

The Northern Centre for Health Education and Research (NCHER) is a joint initiative of the Northern Health Network working with the Universities of Melbourne and Latrobe University.

The proposed NCHER is planned to train doctors, nurses and allied health professionals providing academic resources to compliment the clinical training experience gained on rounds within The Northern Hospital.

The proposed three storey building will be conveniently located adjacent to the Hospital and future funding is anticipated to enable an aerial link between the two facilities.

The NCHER will house a range of tuition facilities, lecture theatre, laboratories and simulation centre as well as student lounge, canteen, academic offices and informal discussion areas placed throughout the building on each floor.

The ‘crucifix’ footprint optimises natural light and outlook and the building will incorporate an extensive ranges of energy saving and other ESD initiatives.

The complex will be elevated, constructed over existing car parking and make provision for an additional 3 no. floors in the design of the structure.

Merat Architects have been responsible for all facets of the project’s development from client briefing through to completion of documentation for tender.

  • Total Floor Area:  6,000 sq.m

  • Estimated Project Budget: 44.7 million

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