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Shepparton City Council Redevelopment

Municipal Office Developments


General Local Council experience- Merat Pty Limited

Merat Architects experience in municipal planning and development extends over three decades having undertaken extensive development within the offices for the City of Port Phillip which consolidated the municipal areas of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and St Kilda necessitating the re-arrangement of  municipal services across the greater municipal area.

Additional municipal involvement in the upgrade of such services as:

  • Community services

  • Maternal and children’s services

  • Sporting facilities

City of Greater Shepperton – work in progress

Most recently Merat Architects have been commissioned to work with the City of Greater Shepperton in the redevelopment of their Council Chambers and Municipal offices with the opportunity to redevelop space vacated in an adjacent area by the ArtsLink SAM facilities

The staged program to be initiated over several years will see significant re-organization of municipal services inclusive of the

  • Development of formal Council Chambers with improved community access and better management of security

  • Relocation of Customer Services providing ease of community access whilst addressing staff OH&S issues including improved security

  • Re-organization of remaining ArtsLink management services within the complex

  • Improved staff support services such as ‘after ride’ facilities and ablutions

Development Process

Working with the Council stakeholders and project Champion a three stage program has been undertaken which has seen the project developed to a point where Council will look to fund the staged development over several years

Phase 1-  Return Brief

Phase 2- Conceptual Design Opportunities

Phase 3- Development of Preferred Layouts

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