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University of Melbourne

The Food Sensory Laboratory and Meat Testing Facility was developed on the existing Ground Floor of  Building 184 on the University’s Parkville Campus occupying approx 454 sq. metres.

Sensory laboratory

The Sensory Laboratory is a research facility which requires the engagement of public volunteers to taste various food and beverages. Up to 20 No. volunteers enter through reception and are taken into the briefing room prior to the tasting event. Volunteers are then placed in individual cubicles with controlled lighting and limited distractions. Volunteers then record their sensory responses to a series of questions on taste, smell and appearance of the product.

Food for tasting is prepared in the commercial kitchen and delivered to the sensory laboratory.

Meat Laboratory

The Meat Laboratory is a research facility where meat is tested in a variety of conditions.

Most research work is undertaken in a ‘cool room’ environment, with write up undertaken in an adjacent room. Controlled conditions for storage of meat products and avoidance of cross contamination were challenges for the design team


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